CARP Directors’ Memorial Prize

This prize has been established to honor the memory of José Huertas-Jourda and other huertas-jourdaformer directors of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology who have passed away.  It is awarded at the annual meeting of the Husserl Circle to a junior faculty member or graduate student who is deemed to have submitted a paper that is an outstanding example of continuing work in the phenomenological tradition, and includes  a stipend to help cover travel costs to the meeting. Our thanks to the friends of José who have contributed to establish the prize.


Benjamin Sherados
“Act Psychology and Phenomenology: Husserl on Egoic Acts”


Emilio Vicuna
“Intersubjectivity and the Constitution of Objective Space”


Genki Uemura
“Making Sense of the Actuality: Husserl’s Transcendental Idealism in the Light of the Metaphysics of Modality”


Philippe Merz
“Is a Rationally Self-Determined Life Possible? On Husserl’s Phenomenological Notion of Freedom”


Witold Plotka
“The Transcendental Reduction as Questioning: Husserl’s Phenomenology and the Problem of the Question”


Smaranda Aldea
Phantasie and Husserl’s Phenomenological Inquiry”