Aron Gurwitsch Memorial Lecture

This lecture has been sponsored by the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. since 1980 with interest from a bequest by Ms. Alice Gurwitsch, the philosopher’s widow. The lecture is held in conjunction with the meetings of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy and the Society for Phenomenology in the Human Sciences each October and published in the international and multidisciplinary journal Human Studies.

2019: Steven Galt Crowell, Rice University

“On What Matters: Personal Identity as a Phenomenological Problem”

2018: Dermot Moran, Boston College

“Husserl and Gurwitsch on Horizonal Intentionallity”

2017: Julia Jansen, Husserl Archives, Leuven

“Phenomenological Idealisms and Their Political Implications.”

2016: Ted Toadvine, The Pennsylvania State Universitygurwitsch-lecture-1-cropped

“Touchstones: Geomateriality and Memory”

2015: XIPING Jin, Peking Universityxiping-gurwitsch-lecture-cropped

“Heidegger’s Conception of Mitsein and His ‘Einfache Nennenof Social and Political Reality in his Schwarze Hefte of 1931 and After”

2014: Sara Heinämaa, University of Jyväskylä and University of Helsinki

“Towards a Comprehensive Phenomenology of Personhood”

2012: Evan Thompson, University of Toronto

“Sleep and Consciousness”

2010: Junichi Murata, University of Tokyo

“Colors and Sounds: The Field of Visual and Auditory Consciousness”


2008: Dieter Lohmar, Husserl-Archiv der Universität zu Köln

“Phenomenology of Non-Linguistic Thinking in Humans and other Primates”


2007: Osborne Wiggins, University of Louisville

“The Delirious Illusion of Being in the World: Toward a Phenomenology of Schizophrenia”


2006: László Tengelyi, Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal

“Phenomenology and the Categories of Experience”

2005: Richard Zaner, Vanderbilt University

“The Phenomenon of Vulnerability in Clinical Encounters”


2004: William McKenna, Miami University of Ohio

“Human Differences as Constituting Different Worlds”

2003: Shaun Gallagher, Professor and Department Chair, University of Central Florida
Visiting Professor, Center for Subjectivity Research, Copenhagen

“Phenomenological Contributions to a Theory of Social Cognition”

2002: Klaus Held, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

“Coming to an Understanding between Cultures: A Phenomenological Apporoach”

2001: Roberto J. Walton, Centro de Estudios Filosóficos, Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Buenos Aires, Argentina

“On the Manifold Senses of Horizonedness: The Theories of E. Husserl and A. Gurwitsch”

2000: John J. Drummond, Fordham University

“Forms of Social Unity: Partnership, Membership, Citizenship”

1999: Nam-In Lee, Department of Philosophy, Seoul National University

“Practical Intentionality and Transcendental Phenomenology as a Practical Philosophy”

1998: Gail Soffer, Department of Philosophy, New School for Social Research

“The Other as Alter Ego: A Genetic Approach”

1997: Ullrich Melle, Husserl Archives at Louvain, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Responsibility and Self-Realization: A Husserlian Reflection on Jonas and Naess”

1996: Fred Kersten, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Stuffed Cabbage in the Old New School Cafeteria”

1995: Elizabeth Stroeker

“Science and Lifeworld: A Problem of Cultural Change”

1994: Eduard Marbach

“Understanding the Representational Mind: A Phenomenological Perspective”

1993: David Carr

“The Question of the Subject: Heidegger and the Transcendental Tradition”

1992: Walter Biemel

“Phenomenology and Art”

1991: Donn Welton

“On the Margins of the World”

1990: Lester Embree, Department of Philosophy, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

“Phenomenology of Representation”

1989: Hubert Dreyfus

“Toward a Phenomenology of Ethical Expertise”

1988: James Edie, Northwestern University, Evanston

“Husserl vs. Derrida”

1987: Joseph J. Kockelmans

“On the Unity and Multiplicity of the Sciences”

1986: Dagfinn Follesdal

“Husserl’s Noema: Interpretation, Philosophical Issues, and Recent Controversy”

1985: John Compton

“Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Nature”

1984: Robert Sokolowski

“Moral Categoriality”

1983: Maurice Natanson, Yale University

“Illusion and Irreality”

1982: J. N. Mohanty, Temple University

“Intentionality, Causality, and Holism”

1981: Thomas Seebohm

“Edmund Husserl on Possible Worlds”